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How to construct a roof garden step by step?

When it comes to roof gardening, there are three major approaches in creating a fabulous one in your rooftop the first approach is to create a container garden in the terrace the second approach is to create raised beds in concrete or wood, and the final method is to select a particular area in your rooftop and make it as a mini-garden. In this blog section, we will be looking at the final approach which is easy and widely used one.

Waterproof Layer

A roof gardening area must be water-proofed, durable and possess high resistance towards frost, either you are growing plants in the container or raised beds or rooftop you must make sure it is highly water-proofed. Forming a water-proof layer makes the roof garden strong and prevents damages and leakages. We deliver promising roof gardening services in Chennai, Tamilnadu by creating a strong bond of the water-proof layer.

Insulation Layer

Insulation or protection layer denies the entry of moisture into your terrace garden hence strengthen the plants to adopt different climatic conditions easily. The insulation is mostly composed of XPS extruded polystyrene boards and polyurethane foam. Being the most experienced roof gardening service provider in Chennai, Tamilnadu we give extra care to your plants at the top of the building by installing PIR panels that pass out rainwater easily to the drainage.

Drainage Layer

The drainage layer is the most important one in keeping the roof garden alive by discharging the sediment rainwater towards the drainage and also collecting the excess water stored in the vegetation. Being the most reputed roof gardening service provider in Chennai, Tamilnadu we give equal focus to all the layers and help you build them in the best possible way.

Geotextile Layer

Geotextile layer may sound an odd one out of the clan, but it definitely plays a predominant role in maintaining the aura of the entire roof garden. This particular layer performs the role of separation of the drainage layer and soil to strengthen the plants. It smartly circulates the moisture between the plants and makes sure to maintain the water level in a steady phase. We provide best roof garden services in Chennai, Tamilnadu by creating a proper geo-textile layer which water-proofed, vapour-permeable, mechanically sturdy.

Vegetation layer

Vegetation layer indicates the soil type used according to the plant category. Soil must be enriched with diversified fertility to pull-in adequate amount of water and moisture that helps in plant’s growth. In our roof gardening services we deliver fertile soil which is a right mixture of garden soil, humus, farm manure, and other organic particles.

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